Weekend Wrap-Up: 2 Big Events, 2 Much Hype!

This past weekend competitive gaming was at its best in the GTA and beyond as T.O.Joe and Gichan hosted the “Revival of Salt” Smash Brawl Tournament in Whitby, and TorontoTopTiers presented their second iteration of the Smash Up Tournament in Smash Up II featuring UMVC3, SSFIV:AE, Soul Calibur V, KOFXIII and others.

Team YRSF was in attendance competing at both events and our primary sponsor Omega Collectables was also on-site showcasing gaming goods for the masses.

The Revival of Salt (RoS) tournament brought plenty of hype featuring Smash Brawl singles, doubles, and a Canada Vs. USA Crew Battle.  Gaming Ottawa was in attendance providing assistance with brackets, set ups and the event featured sponsorships from the local FGC mainstays- Omega Collectables and A&C Games.

The event drew a contingent of players not only from the U.S. but also from the East Coast of Canada with Nova Scotia Brawl players in attendance.  The jam-packed venue was electric with great commentary and stream provided by VGBootCamp. If you missed any of the action you can catch it here: http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp.  Full results and brackets are available in the results thread on smashboards.

[YRSF]Tin Man had a strong showing coming in 7th place for Singles, and 5th in Doubles. Congrats Tinaye!

TorontoTopTiers managed to draw over 150 players to compete and spectate across a myriad of tournaments at the Primrose Hotel in Toronto.  Pot bonuses and raffle prizes were aplenty with support for the event coming from A & C Games, GDLK Apparel, and Omega Collectables.

The stream featured some beefed-up graphics that were a really nice touch.  Kudos to TTT and Vince “RXS” Hui for the hard work they put in making this an impressive event to watch.  Here’s a quick glimpse of what the action looked like on stream:

Team YRSF threw their collective hats into the foray with BlitzMan, Raynex, and NickCam all competing.

[YRSF]BlitzMan managed to secure a hard fought 2nd place in AE:2012 getting ousted from top spot by the one and only SpiralGuy.

[YRSF]Raynex took home 1st place in KOFXIII in what was a small but highly competitive bracket.

[YRSF]NickCam landed a 5th place finish in UMVC3 with some ridiculous Haggar tech!

Full results are available on the SRK thread and archived footage from the event will be on the TorontoTopTiers YouTube channel.


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